Log in to your Online & Mobile Banking with just one touch!

We have some exciting news! Working in partnership with Wellington IT and TouchTech, we’re introducing a new Touch ID login service to our mobile and online banking users which allows you to access your account using the fingerprint reader on your smartphone or tablet.

This service uses a QR-code and fingerprint as a secure convenient gateway to the Link Credit Union online banking portal, cuOnline and smartphone app cuAnywhere. This means our members now have the latest technology available to access online banking to check your balance, view statements, transfer funds, and pay bills on the go free of charge. The app is accessible anywhere you have a data or internet connection, and you no longer have to remember your pin and password with every login, which makes managing your Credit Union account more convenient than ever.

To use the Touch ID Login feature you must be registered for online access with Link Credit Union and your smartphone/tablet must have a fingerprint reader.

Link Credit Union is among the first institutions to provide TouchTech’s Login Authentication Platform (LAP) to its members. Further roll-outs are planned for the rest of 2017 alongside TouchTech’s new product offerings in online payments and eSignatures, which will boost the security and convenience of signing documents for members on-boarding and loan agreements.

If you’re a member of Link Credit Union, and you’d like to register for Touch ID, please contact us directly, and we’ll be able to get you set up!

How to enroll in Quick Login and Touch ID

Before you get started:

Are you signed up for online banking?
You must be a current member and a registered user of Link Credit Union Online Banking to download the cuAnywhere Mobile App. To get started with online banking, select “Register” on our website or here and you’ll be guided through a simple registration process.

Have you downloaded the CuAnywhere Mobile App?
Download our mobile app by visiting the App Store or Google Play on your device and searching for “cuAnywhere.” When App is installed, select that you are a member of Link Credit Union Ltd.


Register for Touch ID on cuAnywhere app

Getting Started is easy!!

First, make sure you have the most updated version of the cuAnywhere App.

Second, make sure your phone is compatible for touch access.

Step 1: Open the cuAnywhere app on your phone

 Sign in - Link Credit Union

Step 2: Sign in as normal with your Username, PIN & then Password

 sign in

Step 3: Select the Menu Tab

 touch id instructions

Step 4: Select Register for TouchID

 register touchid

Step 5: Read Disclaimer.

To Proceed Select Register


Step 6: Scan Fingerprint by holding Finger / Thumb over the home button on your phone.

scan fingerprint

Log in using Touch ID for cuOnline through PC /Laptop

Scan the QR Code and you’re in!!

Our CuOnline Banking is integrated with TouchID, cuAnywhere’s fingerprint authentication. When you enroll in TouchID, you’ll only need to touch your finger on your phone’s “home” button to log into your cuOnline Banking through your PC / Laptop.

Step 1: Go to and select Log In


Step 2: Open cuAnywhere App on your phone


Step 3: Scroll down on the Home Screen and Select Login to CuOnline

 cuonline cuanywhere

Step 4: Scan the QR Code on the PC / Laptop Screen using your phone.

 cuonline scan qr code

Step 5: Scan your Fingerprint by holding the home button on your phone.

 scan fingerprint

Step 6: You should now be able to access your CuOnline Account on your PC / Laptop

 cuonline banking

Download our guide to Registering for TouchID

Alternatively check out our HOW TO videos below: