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Car Draw

Our car draw takes place every 2 months, with the cost to the participate in the draw at €60 per year for 6 draws. If you enter during the year, you will only be charged for the remaining draws.

This works out at €10 per draw. The fee is collected annually from member share accounts by automated deduction in October.

You can download a car draw application form below.

Terms and Conditions of the Car Draw

  1. A Car Draw will usually be held every 2 months with at least 6 draws annually.
  2. As additional members subscribe extra cars/prizes may be added.
  3. Annual subscription is €60.
  4. Member must complete attached authorisation form & post or hand it into any Link Credit Union Ltd office.
  5. Pay Yearly: €60 will be deducted from your shares at the beginning of each Credit Union year (October) & will continue annually thereafter unless otherwise notified.
  6. In the event of a member joining the draw after October a pro-rata amount will apply (€10 per draw) eg. Join 1st Dec, then €10 x 5 draws will be deducted (€50).
  7. The Car Draw will take place bi-monthly until such time as the Board of Directors of Link Credit Union Ltd shall deem otherwise.
  8. The Car Draw is open to members over 18 years old only. (Including members of a joint account, both members need to sign the form). Staff and volunteers of Link Credit Union Ltd, who are not directly involved in the running of the draw will be eligible to enter the draw.
  9. Annual fee will be deducted from members shares at the beginning of our financial year. Those with insufficient funds will be excluded from the draw. A new application form must be completed for re-entry to the draw.
  10. It will be the members responsibility to ensure that they have the adequate funds to remain in the Car Draw.
  11. All draws will usually be held in a Link Credit Union Ltd office or held at our AGM.
  12. The winner will be notified in writing. In the event of a joint account winning the Car Draw the car is owned by both members of the joint account.
  13. A register of entrants will be maintained in the Credit Union offices for inspection.
  14. The Car Draw will be self-financing and non-profit making: any additional funds will be disposed of by way of extra draws for extra prizes.
  15. If the winning member is in arrears or in default of carrying out any financial commitment or obligation to the Credit Union, delivery of the prize won by the member may be withheld until the arrears have been paid or the default has been rectified. A decision to withhold a prize will be notified in writing to such a member.
  16. Financial accounts at each year end will be audited by the external auditor and included in the annual report to members.
  17. The Board of Directors and staff will not be liable for any defects or otherwise that may be found in any vehicle.
  18. The make and model of the car will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Cash will not be given in lieu by Link Credit Union Ltd.
  19. All contact information given on this form will only be used by Link Credit Union Ltd and will not be provided to any third-party.