Schools Saving Scheme

Schools Saving Scheme

DOSH’S School Savers Club

We run our DOSH’S School Savers Scheme with participating local National Schools in our Common Bond. The Savers Scheme is where primary school children can bring their savings into their school on designated days and we will deposit the funds into their Saver Account. This teaches children about the value of money from an early age.

The key element of this process is not how much they save; it’s developing the habit of saving small amounts on a regular basis which will help to put them on the road to financial security for the future.

Each participating School has been provided with a locked box – only designated Link Credit Union Personnel are key-holders to these boxes. Each child wishing to participate in the Savers Club is provided with a Savers Wallet. These Wallets are non-transparent protecting the privacy of our young savers. The students place the wallets into our locked savers box which will be brought into our offices where our staff will deposit the funds into each students account. A receipt (not disclosing any account balance) will be placed into each wallet and these will be sent back to the schools for distribution to the students.

If you would like your child/children to participate in our DOSH’S School Savers Scheme please use the contact form below and if your child is a student in one of our participating schools we will issue the child/children with our Savers Wallets.

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