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Loan calculator
Loan calculator


Please note: All loans are subject to approval. T&C applies. if you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.

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Loan calculator

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Greenify Loan From 6.50% Variable (APR 6.70%)

Make your home a greener one with a Greenify Home Improvement Loan

Cultivate Farm Finance

Cultivate Farm Finance From 6.55% Variable (6.75% APR)

A Loan for Farmers by people who understand Farming.

Car Loan

Car Loan

Want to own the car you drive? We have a car loan for you that is easy, flexible and waiting for you.

Home Improvement Loan

Home Improvement Loan

New kitchen, attic conversion, garden of your dreams? Make the changes you want today.

Welcome Loan

Welcome Loan From 7.9% Variable (8.19% APR)

This loan is for a 1st time borrower or a member that has no loan balance within the past 3 years.

Savings Secured Loan

Savings Secured Loan From 4.9% Variable (5.01% APR)

Borrow up to the amount you have in your savings at our lowest rate available.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

Life is a journey to be experienced, embrace it!

Over €10,000 Loan

Over €10,000 Loan From 7.9% Variable (8.19% APR)

Our Over €10,000 Loan is for the bigger things in life. So if you are thinking of topping up your existing loan, or taking out a new loan for over €10,000, you can avail of our reduced rate.

Business/SME Loan

Business/SME Loan

Link Credit Union have a loan to help you grow your business to the best of its ability.

Student Loan

Student Loan From 5% Variable (5.11% APR)

A loan to cover educational expenses from college fees, books to a new study hub at home.

What we also offer

Alternatively, if you wish to join in any of our branches all you have to do is bring the documentation mentioned above and complete the membership application form. A full list of our branches and opening hours can be found below.