About Us Mission

About Us Mission

About US
Link Credit Union ``Mission Statement``

Mission: “To be the Primary Provider of Lending & Sustainable Financial Services to our members, in our community”

To achieve this purpose the Credit Union is committed to providing a broad range of innovative financial products supported by the excellent service of a dedicated, well-trained staff. These programs will be administered in accordance with sound management practices to maintain the financial strength of the Credit Union. The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Link Credit Union hereby affirm that the efforts of the Credit Union will be consistently and professionally dedicated to the accomplishment of this mission.

Benefits of Merging to our members
  • To secure the future of your Credit Union;
  • to enhance the products and services offered to you, our member;
  • to create a more cost efficient business model, with savings in areas such as IT & Professional Fees;
  • to meet the additional regulatory requirements of the Central Bank and the Credit Union Acts;
  • to ensure all Credit Union offices remain open for business.
What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a group of people who save together and lend to each other at a fair and reasonable rate of interest. Every credit union is owned by the members — the people who save and borrow with it — people like you.

When you become a member and start saving with your credit union you will have access to fair and reasonable rates on savings and loans.

Your savings contribute to your credit union’s loan fund. So your savings are helping other members. Members like you. A credit union exists only to serve its members — not to profit from their needs. Surplus income generated is returned to the members by way of a dividend and/or is directed to improved or additional services required by the members.

Credit unions continue that Irish tradition of co-operative self-help. It has been shown throughout history that by working together people can achieve far more through co-operation than by individual effort. The success of the credit union movements worldwide is a clear illustration of this. Credit unions have served their members well in Ireland since 1958, and as long as there are active members, they will continue to do so.

The Credit Union Story

The modern Credit Union movement traces its origins to Germany and to Friedrich Willhelm Raiffeisen, the Mayor of a small town in southern Germany, who in 1849 formed societies, which later evolved into Credit Unions. The purpose of these Credit Unions was to enable people to help themselves in relieving debt and poverty.

A Credit Union is a democratic, financial co-operative owned and controlled by its own members. Each Credit Union is run only to benefit its members, all of whom have something in common – the  common bond.

The Credit Union movement was introduced into Ireland in 1958 by Nora Herlihy with the support of a number of other dedicated pioneers. Since then, the Credit Union philosophy of mutual self-help has proved very popular, and there are now over 500 Credit Unions affiliated to the Irish League of Credit Unions throughout the country.

In Ireland over 3.3 million members have recognized the value of credit unions, and have savings approaching several billion euro with their credit unions. There are thousands employed in the sector and many more thousands are volunteers involved in the movement.

Why Link Credit Union for the name?

The name Link Credit Union represents a link in a chain, symbolising strength, security, support and unity. Together we are stronger and will support each other in securing our members financial needs. The word Link also represents the connection of all local communities surrounding Kingscourt, Bailieborough, Moynalty & Mullagh – Linking the 3 Credit Unions to each other and creating a wider community.

Each individual Credit Union has strong Links to their community and the brand Link Credit Union recognises this bond, which will continue to be strong Each office will grow under this vibrant common brand, reflecting the common bond or link which has been created.

Becoming Link Credit Union Ltd

As you may be aware, over recent years many Credit Unions have taken the strategic decision to join forces in the creation of larger, stronger and more secure Credit Unions. This has been done in order to meet the continuous regulatory obligations placed on Credit Unions and to meet the increased demand for products and services from our members. Following on from a strategic review of the future of all three Credit Unions the Boards of Kingscourt Credit Union Ltd, Bailieborough Credit Union Ltd and St. Mary’s Moynalty Credit Union Ltd realised the potential in amalgamating with neighbouring communities and set about discussions regarding the prospect of an amalgamation. The Boards of all three Credit Unions were also mindful of the need to provide an enhanced service to our members, and this view has been reinforced by the response received to a recently commissioned members’ survey. These talks progressed positively and constructively, and the respective Boards presented the proposal for a merger of Kingscourt Credit Union, Bailieborough Credit Union Ltd, & St. Mary’s Moynalty Credit Union to their members at Special General Meetings held in July 2015. We were the first amalgamating Credit Unions to offer this vote to our members. The resolutions to complete this merger were passed and it was official that these three great Credit Unions would merge to form Link Credit Union Ltd. We were assisted in this procees by the government established Credit Union Restructuring Board (ReBo) and would like to acknowledge their hard work during the process.

Link Credit Union Ltd has become one of the 50 largest Credit Unions in the country. It now has a membership of almost 17,000 who will benefit from the four office locations where they can conduct their business face to face, as well as by telephone 6 days per week, and online 24/7 days a year.The Link Credit Union Ltd merger was the 48th successful completed merger since the enactment of the revised regulatory requirements for Credit Unions in 2012. We would like to thank all our members for their support in the amalgamation process and we are looking forward to a bright future as a wider community.