Home Improvement Loans

Home Improvement Loans

Home Improvement Loans

Is your kitchen looking a bit dull? Maybe your garden seems like it needs a makeover. Feeling the Cold in Winter? Want to tarmac or crazy-pave your drive? No matter what you need done, Link Credit Union has your costs covered. With our Home Improvement loans, you can make your house feel like a home.



The Kitchen is the heart of your house. Sometimes your kitchen can become a bit outdated, but it won’t be a hassle with a Kitchen Loan. Replace that old hob and cooker unit with a new, sparkling stove. Install that dishwasher you’ve been meaning to buy! If you spend your time in the Kitchen, you should be content with it.


If your tiles are cracked and your toilet isn’t pretty, Link Credit Union can help improve your bathroom. Don’t be bogged down with an old ugly bathroom, replace it with a modern marble masterpiece.


Is your garden covered in overgrowth? Is it less than appealing to look at? Wouldn’t it be nice to plant some new shrubbery or trees, even make it safer for the kids to enjoy their summer fun in? Make your garden the talk of the town with a Garden Loan from Link Credit Union.


If you’d like to spend your days relaxing in the sun, relaxing on the couches, reading a nice book, wouldn’t a conservatory sound nice? Admire your gardens and the natural scenery in your own personal happy space. You deserve a bit of relaxation in your stressful life.


Relight your fire with a new stove. Stoves are 3 times more efficient then an open fire, they are cleaner and can heat the entire house if you include a boiler. So don’t delay, keep your household toasty warm during the cold winter nights and talk to Link Credit Union Ltd. for a loan.

Garage Building

If your driveway is becoming slightly crowded or you need an area to work, maybe a Garage is what you need. Keep your vehicles safe and give yourself a bit more storage with a Garage Loan from Link Credit Union.

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