Holiday Loan

Holiday Loan

Holiday Loans

Feeling Stressed? Life too short? Need to get away from it all? The stress of everyday life will be forgotten with a Holiday Loan from Link Credit Union. You deserve it.

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Family Holidays

Want create unforgettable family memories?

At Link Credit Union we can help you make this dream a reality. We provide holiday loans at low interest rates, tailored to suit your needs. We can help you get the quality time your family deserves. So whether it’s skiing in the Alps or a break to a tropical paradise contact us today.

Camping Holidays

No Electronics – Just enjoy quality time spent together. Whether you are going “glamping” with the girls or getting closer to nature with your
family don’t let cost be an issue. Get back to nature with a holiday loan from Link Credit Union.

Weekend Break

Long Weekend ahead? Why not take a break and refresh your mind? Whether it’s a wild “lad’s” weekend or a romantic getaway you won’t need to stress about cash with a loan from Link Credit Union.

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