5 Common Mistakes when buying a Car

5 Common Mistakes when buying a Car

5 Common Mistakes when buying a Car

You like convenience, you like quick decisions, you want it and you want it now! Am I right?

That’s all well and good but are you getting the best value car and the best value deal?

There’s never been greater access to information on everything from make, model, fuel efficiency, past accidents and more to help you make the right decision.

But are you making the most common mistakes that can cost you down the line?

  1. Only shopping at one dealership: Experts say three dealerships is the minimum to compare deals. Be fully transparent in letting each dealership know who else you’ve spoken with and what they’ve offered.
  2. Not checking out the dealership’s internet department: Yes, dealerships have online departments. It’s a great way to skip the time spent waiting at the dealership negotiating a price and do quick price comparisons of similar models.
  3. Not making the most of the test drive: Does anyone really relax and take in the experience of the test drive? Are you really testing it for your lifestyle? Have a checklist in mind as you drive and see if it’s hitting all your needs; for example, is it easy to get in and out of for every family member? And do all of your car seats fit safely in the back?
  4. Not calling your insurance agent: There are other factors to consider when figuring out how much your new car will cost. Will your insurance premium increase?
  5. Choosing one-stop shopping convenience: Don’t just accept the dealership financing. If you don’t shop around, you may end up spending more.

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