Why borrow with Link Credit Union?

Why borrow with Link Credit Union?

Why Borrow with Link Credit Union

Why Borrow with Link Credit Union? Here’s why:

  • We offer Competitive interest rates
  • Free loan protection insurance on eligible loans
  • Interest is only charged on a member’s reducing loan balance
  • No hidden charges/fees
  • Flexible loan repayment arrangements to suit you
  • No penalty for lump sum repayments or early loan repayment
  • Flexible options for drawing down loans
  • A quick decision is made and communicated to you by your preferred method
  • For most loans the only documentation required is bank statements and payslips
  • Most loan applications are approved with loan approval rates consistently over 97%
  • Members in receipt of welfare payments can and do borrow with us
  • Your Loan Application will be considered under your own merits where possible.

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