Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Our Credit Union offers many payment methods to its members. You can Lodge funds to your account by:

  • Direct Debit – You can set up a Direct Debit facility from your Bank Account
  • Electronic Funds Transfer/Online Wire Transfer – You can manually transfer funds from your Bank Account to your Credit Union Account
  • Standing Order – You can set up a Standing Order from your Bank Account
  • Wage Deduction – You can opt to have a set amount of your wages directly lodged to your Credit Union account from source
  • Express Lodgement – You can avail of the express lodgement facility in our office by posting your lodgement in the express lodgement box.
  •  Counter – Call into us and speak to a human
ATM Card CU:247

ATM cards can be requested upon completing a CU:247 Application Form. You can download a form from our downloads menu. The completed form should be returned to any Link Credit Union Ltd. Office. You will then receive a four digit PIN number via postal services within a 2 week period. Once you have received your PIN you call into a Link Credit Union Ltd Office to collect your CU:247 ATM Card. This ATM Card can be used at the ATM Machine outside the Link Credit Union Ltd Office in Bailieborough 24/7.

Payroll Deduction

Link Credit Union Ltd. will be able to receive payments directly from your employer. You can chose to have all your wages paid directly into your Link Credit Union account or you can choose to have a set amount coming in each wage day. You can either provide your wages department with your account details (IBAN & BIC Code), or you can call into a Link Credit Union Office and we will complete a Wage Deduction Authorisation form for you and send it to your employer on your behalf.

Pay Point

PayPoint’s household bill payment service offers a more convenient and faster means to pay your essential household bills. As well as providing mobile phone top-ups for major mobile networks and top selling international calling cards, PayPoint serves all five major utilities in Ireland. Bord Gais customers can pay their bills; Electric Ireland customers can buy electricity meter tokens or make regular bill payments, while Eircom, UPC and Vodafone customers can also pay their barcoded bills using our PayPoint facility in our Bailieborough Office.

Foreign Currency Exchange

You can purchase your Foreign Currency from any of our Link Credit Union offices. We will hold a small stock of popular currencies in our offices, however, we advise members to give a couple of days notice when requesting foreign currencies in case our stock levels are low or they are ordering a large amount. You can check our daily foreign currency rates by clicking HERE

You also have the ability to electronically transfer funds to different countries worldwide. You can transfer Euro amounts or the required foreign currency. In order to do electronic transfer of foreign funds you need to bring with you the IBAN number, BIC Code and account details of the payee.

Members may also need to have Identification for their Credit Union account before they can proceed with Electronic Foreign Currency Transfers.

Current Accounts

You can set up a Direct Debit or Standing Order to transfer funds directly into your Credit Union Current Account. Each Current Account will have its own IBAN and BIC code, this will mean that any funds transferred will be lodged directly into your account. The IBAN and BIC codes may also be used to set up Direct Debits or Standing Orders for funds being transferred out of your account, such as a monthly Direct Debit set up to pay for Utility Bills etc. You just provide the recipient with your IBAN and BIC Code and they will be able to call on the funds to be paid directly to them.

Express Lodgement Facility


If you are in a hurry, you can avail of the Express Lodgement Facility in our Offices. Complete the Express Lodgement Slip, place it into the envelopes provided and pop it into the Express Lodgement Box. Your lodgement will be made to your account at the end of that day.

Electronic Funds Transfers

You can call into any of our Link Credit Union Offices and make an Electronic Funds Transfer to any other Bank Account. You just need to provide us with the bank account details of the Payee and the funds will be transferred into their account within two working days. It couldn’t be easier!!

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