Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Although Link Credit Union Ltd officers will make every effort to provide the best quality of service to its members, complaints may arise from time to time. Link Credit Union Ltd wishes to be seen as member-friendly and to be viewed by all of its members as efficient & fair in all of its dealings with you.

As things may go wrong from time to time, and if you have a complaint about how we have dealt with you, we want you to tell us. We welcome any Complaints you may have as it may help us improve our service to you and other members alike.

Member complaints may include:

  • our service is unduly slow or inefficient,
  • we may have been less than courteous,
  • you think we have discriminated against you,
  • something has occurred in respect of your account which you are not happy with,
  • our failure to offer a product or service to you
  • any other matter.

Any Complaint will be investigated fairly, and in accordance with our Complaints Policy and under rule 160 of the Standard Rules for Credit Unions.

Thankfully, Link Credit Union rarely gets Complaints, but we are keen not to become complacent. If something has gone wrong we want to hear from you, not lose you as a member.

Making a complaint Step 1

Complaints can be made known orally to any Link Credit Union Officer in any of our Credit Union offices. Members will be offered the opportunity to have the complaint handled by our Complaints Officer and in accordance with our Members Complaints policy. The Link Credit Union Officer must

record the complaint in the Members Complaint Register and inform the Members Complaints Officer about the complaint.

Should a member wish to make a complaint in writing, please enclose the complaint in an envelope marked:

F.A.O Complaints Officer,
Link Credit Union,
Main Street,
Co Cavan, A82 Y5D5

Complaints can be dropped into any Link Credit Union Office or posted using the address above.

Once a written Complaint has been received the Complaints Officer must record this in the Member

Complaints Register.

Making a complaint Step 2

Where a complaint is made, the Complaints Officer will offer to meet the member in private to discuss the matter. Where the complaint relates to that officer or a decision (s)he has made, another officer will arrange to meet the member.

The member will be given a copy of our Complaint Policy.

Where the complaint cannot be resolved at this meeting to the satisfaction of the member, the complaints officer will ask the member to put their complaint in writing. Within 5 days the complaints officer shall notify the member in writing of the date by which the members complaints committee will investigate, discuss and where possible resolve the complaint. The member will be advised that (s)he has a right to be heard in person by this committee.

The Members Complaints Committee will evaluate the matter and notify the member in writing of its conclusions within 20 business days of the date of dispatch of the letter referred to above.

This letter will also advise them that if they remain unsatisfied they have the right to refer the matter to

  • the Board, at which the member also has the right to be heard; or
  • The Financial Services Ombudsman, a government agency which independently investigates complaints at no charge to the member. The member will be provided with the contact details for this agency.

Financial Services Ombudsman

3rd Floor
Lincoln House
Lincoln Place
Dublin 2

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