Click & Collect / Foreign Currency Exchange

Click & Collect / Foreign Currency Exchange

currency lcuLink Credit Union Foreign Currency Exchange Service – Offering you more!!


Click & Collect is a commission free service for Link Credit Union Members and has a more favourable rate than the normal daily rate. Link Credit Union offers our Bureau de Change through FEXCO (Foreign Exchange Company of Ireland)Our aim is to provide a convenient, better value service to members who require foreign currency exchange.

If you are planning to travel abroad this year and need to exchange some currency, you can now use our click & collect service to order your foreign currency from Link Credit Union. We supply a wide range of foreign currencies for our members.

How to order Foreign Currency with us?

First, you must hold an account with Link Credit Union Ltd.

To order, just telephone or call into the office. Please allow a minimum of 3 working days prior to your departure to ensure delivery of your order.

Alternatively, members of Link Credit Union can now order currency directly online and choose which of our offices they would like to collect it from. To order online, please use button below.

Members can also exchange foreign currency cheques and transfer funds internationally. Funds can be transferred using either euro or selected foreign currency value. Members can electronically transfer a euro value to a euro zone country for a low cost fee of €0.75c. Foreign currency transfers will cost €10.




How Click & Collect works:


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Members order currency online (up to 4 currencies – maximum €2500) with 0% commission fee on all currencies. Rates are displayed on the Click and Collect webpage so members can check foreign currency rates daily. You must be a member with Link Credit Union Ltd in order to avail of our foreign currency service.


  • Select the currency/currencies you wish to order
  • Then select the Amount you wish to purchase
  • Choose the Link Credit Union Office that you wish to collect and pay for your order
  • Select the date you wish to collect your order
  • You will receive a follow up call/text to confirm the order is placed / already in stock
  • Call into your selected Link Credit Union Office and make payment to collect your currency
  • Orders are held for three days at the agreed rate upon the date of ordering.
  • If the rate in our office is higher on the day of collection, we will honour the higher rate option for our members


Why choose foreign currency exchange from Link Credit Union?


  • We sell foreign notes, and we will buy back any unused currencies
  • There are over 40 currencies available to order
  • Link Credit Union can electronically transfer funds internationally
  • If the country you are travelling to has a closed currency we will advise you with which currency would be most suited for you to bring
  • Even Better Rates when you use our Click & Collect Service
  • No Commission charged on any currency when you use our Click & Collect Service
  • Low commission rates on currency purchased in our office (max fee of €6.35)
  • Exchange Foreign Currency Cheques
  • No minimum spend
  • Payment made upon collection date as opposed to order date
  • Most common currencies may be readily available on demand e.g. Sterling, US Dollars, Aus Dollars and other currencies are available within 2 -3 working days.
  • Euro to euro zone electronic transfer for just €0.75c


You may need to provide us with the following:

Link Credit Union is required to collect certain information from members which allows the Credit Union to comply with our obligations under Irish, European & International Legislation in relation to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF), regardless of the value of Foreign Exchange Transaction.

  • Membership Number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth

For Large Sum Currency transactions we may also need members to provide us with the following:

  • Photographic ID
  • Up to date Proof of Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Invoice, Official Letter/Document)


Schedule of Approved Commissions 

Transaction Type Approved Amount
% Minimum Maximum
Sell Foreign Notes 1% €1.00 €6.35
Buy Foreign Notes 1% €1.00 €6.35
Buy Foreign/Travellers Cheques 2% €1.50 €6.35


Please note that the above commission rates are the maximum as approved by the Central Bank of Ireland

and do not apply when using our Click and Collect service.


FEXCO Corporate Payments is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is regulated by the Financial 
Conduct Authority for the conduct of payment business in the UK.
FEXCO Corporate Payments is a payment institution licensed under the EU Payment Services Directive 2007
and is registered with HMRC for anti-money laundering.