Borrowing with Link Credit Union Ltd

Borrowing with Link Credit Union Ltd

Borrowing with Link Credit Union

Borrowing with Link Credit Union Ltd has never been easier. The most important thing to remember when borrowing with us is that; once you can prove that you can afford the repayments without putting yourself under financial strain, we want to lend to you!!

Members of Link Credit Union Ltd who are members for at least three months with regular payments into their savings may apply for a loan for a productive purpose. All loans are provided from the savings of other members.

Loan applications may be made at any time during the normal office hours or 24/7 online. A decision on the application may be available the same day or will be available within the same week. Members will be contacted regarding their loan decisions by their preferred method.

A member will normally be expected to establish a regular pattern of savings before applying for a loan. Members with small savings cannot expect to receive large loans.

Every loan application receives careful consideration and most loans – over 97% – are granted.

While the usual maximum term for loan repayment is five years, there are certain loans which are regarded as Annual loans, e.g. Holidays, Christmas, Car Tax, Insurance, etc. Such loans should be fully paid within 12 months. Large Home Improvement loans may be extended to a term of 10 years.

Visit our Online Loan Calculator and see how affordable your Loan Repayments can be!!