Switching is Easy

Switching is Easy

Switching is Easy

Link Credit Union have now made it easier to switch your Current Account to us. We have taken the hassle out of manually moving all your direct debits. Once you have opened your Current Account with us we give instructions to have your direct debits transferred over to us. The process is seamless, easy and hassle free to our members.

To find out all the great benefits of having a Link Credit Union Current Account download our brochure here.

You can make safe and secure payments with our digital wallets through Apple Pay, Google and Fitbit pay.

We are offering our members the best service at the most competitive price. At just €4 a month, you will find our Current Account fees are among the cheapest in the market and certainly cheaper than your bank. Check out our full fees and charges here.

We offer an overdraft for those unexpected expenses that might pop up. Further details can be found here.

Why not pop over to our Current Account page where you will find the full range of benefits our Current Account has to offer. Now that we have taken the hassle out of switching, there is no excuse to start your application today. Did you know you can apply for your Current Account through our online banking app? Start your application here today.

If you would like to register for our online banking services, click here.