Student Loans

Student Loans

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Student Loans

  • NO set up fees
  • NO transaction fees
  • Reduced Student Loan Rate of 7.9% APR
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Easy to apply

With the cost of third level education rising  almost six out of ten say they will get into debt funding their child’s third level education. An estimated €1,229 will be spent per month to fund a student’s costs and ironically, more than one third are skipping lectures to fund their education.

Calculate how much you would need to get you through the college year and your weekly repayments with our Loan Calculator

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2,500 for Years

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What you need

  • Proof of Loan Purpose – College/Course acceptance letter etc
  • Back to Education Receipts / Proof of Scholarship/Grant approved – if applicable
  • Payslip – if applicable
  • 3 Recent Months Bank Statements – if you do not have a bank account please contact our office,
  • Guarantors Proof of Income & 3 recent months Bank Statements
  • Form of ID – if not already on file

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