International Credit Union Day 2016

International Credit Union Day 2016

International Credit Union Day

ICU Day 2016

Link Credit Union joins 57,000 other Credit Unions around the world to celebrate Global Movement

On Thursday October 20th 2016, Link Credit Union will join 57,000 credit unions from around the world to celebrate International Credit Union Day. This is an annual event which celebrates the important role and contribution that financial cooperatives play in the local communities they serve and the lives of their members. To celebrate, Link Credit Union are hosting parties in each of our offices, extending an invitation to all our members to call in. We will also hold our Car Draw liveICUday in our office so one lucky member will win a brand new Mazda CX3.

International Credit Union day has been celebrated annually since 1948 on the third Thursday of October. The international event affords credit unions across Ireland the opportunity to remember our proud credit union history and promote awareness of and support the Credit Union difference. For over 50 years, credit unions in Ireland have been trusted to meet the financial, economic and social needs of their local communities. They are central to the everyday lives of millions of members. Credit unions remain popular and continue to succeed because we have stayed true to our values and ethos. While the future will bring opportunities for growth and innovation, we will be at the heart of communities, serving members’ best interests.

download (3)This year’s theme, “The Authentic Difference” celebrates what makes credit unions truly different. The theme honours credit unions’ mission to put people before profit. All credit unions share a common goal to offer access to affordable financial services to all their members and provide even the most financially disadvantaged the tools and the opportunities to be financially self-sufficient. This is the credit union difference that makes a real impact in our world.

Credit unions are unique because they are not-for-profit, democratically controlled, member-owned cooperatives. Credit unions pool their members’ assets to provide low-cost loans and other financial services in the best interest of the members, not to earn shareholder profits.

Credit unions play a vital role in the economic development and stability of the communities they serve, helping people ICU LINK CUimprove their lives through access to affordable financial services and making the world a better place to live. Across the island of Ireland, 3.5 million people enjoy the benefits of credit union membership.


This International Credit Union Day, we hope everyone will join us in celebrating the credit union difference, our proud cooperative heritage and the wonderful opportunities credit unions and cooperatives offer members every day.


World Council of Credit Unions – International Credit Union Day