House Repairs

House Repairs

House Repairs Loans

If your boiler is on the blink, then you don’t need to worry. At Link Credit Union, you can have peace of mind of knowing that your home appliances are safe and ready to use. We offer House Repairs Loans that will ensure there will be no problems with your day to day routines. With a loan decision turnaround within 24-48 hrs and a loan approval rate of over 98% we can help cover any unexpected costs.

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Is your washing machine “foamtastic” at the wrong time? At Link Credit Union, we are happy to assist you in the unforeseeable troubles your appliances can give you. We cater for all loans so whether you are buying a new appliance or you are just not ready to say goodbye to the old one and need repairs – we say “Don’t use your Credit Card – use your Credit Union”.

Structural Repairs

Whether you D.I.Y or hire for repairs keep your house happy with a loan from Link Credit Union. We can help you cover the costs to fix the cracks, replace the gutters or re-tile the roof. We’ll brighten up your rainy days.


Cut your home heating bills further and significantly reduce heat loss from your home during winter months by taking a loan with Link Credit Union to insulate your house. Insulating your home correctly will provide a cosy living environment to your household while also being energy efficient.

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