Any child who opens an account with Link Credit Union will receive a FREE

Piggy Bank to hold their saved up funds!

Link Credit Union together with Credit Unions across the island, will celebrate National Credit Union GR8 Savers Week. The initiative, runs from 7th – 13th May 2018, and aims to help young people to develop a smart relationship with money and highlights the importance of developing a savings habit.

The theme of GR8 Savers Week in Link Credit Union this year was to encourage children to “Watch their savings grow with Gerry & DOSH”. On average, children are now receiving over €200 annually in pocket money and 75% of parents are opting to give their children a regular allowance. With these financial arrangements now being the norm, there is great potential to educate children about the value of money.

It is vital that we educate the younger members of our community about the benefits of investing in their own futures. Children are never too young to learn about the value of money and the younger a child develops a healthy attitude to money management the better. That is what GR8 savers week is all about.


To celebrate this year, we are running a savers competition with our school saver clubs. Any pupil that saves through our “DOSH’S SCHOOL SAVERS CLUB” during GR8 Savers Week will automatically be entered in a competition to win one of 3 “SWINGBALL” game sets.

We want to thank the schools, teachers, parents, and all those involved, for encouraging and facilitating the pupils with our school savers club. Your time and dedication makes it possible for us to reward students for their savings habit.


Activity Sheets to Download

Great Savers Tips for Parents

Activity Sheet 1

Activity Sheet 2

Activity Sheet 3

Activity Sheet 4

Activity Sheet 5

Activity Sheet 6



Here are some helpful tips for parents to help their children become GR8 Savers…..

savings tips link credit union

1: Consider rewarding children for regular saving. The amount saved isn’t critical; rather it is the savings habit which it is most important to nurture. Helping children to save small amounts on a regular basis helps to imbed the habit.

2: Encourage children not to buy on impulse but to take time to consider their decision

3: Help children to identify savings goals – both short term and long term. In many cases, the concept of saving only becomes real when the child can see the rewards at the end.

4: Develop a savings plan or calendar to highlight when the goal will be achieved.

5: Give pocket money in small denominations to encourage children to put a little aside or to lodge their savings through our DOSHs School Savers Club.

6: Consider linking pocket money to chores. This helps to embed the idea that money must be earned. The more effort required by the child to earn pocket money, the less likely s/he will be to squander it.

7: If pocket money runs out at an early stage, don’t rush to replace it. Providing additional money at the drop of a hat will defeat the purpose of providing a set allowance to the child.

8: Give children a piggy bank or better still, bring them down to the local Link Credit Union office to become a GR8 Saver.        You can call into any of our offices and request a free Piggy Bank.



To celebrate GR8 savers week 2017 we held a colouring and slogan competition with our School Savers Schools. Winners are listed below:


Click on names to view pictures

Blake McCullagh, Cabra Central N.S

Dylan Gorman, East Knockbride N.S

Rebecca Lynam, St.Kilian’s N.S

Patrick Murray, Carlanstown N.S

Sophie Liggan, The Vale N.S

Killian O Connell, Meath Hill N.S

our Slogan winner was: Lucy Maguire, Scoil Mhuire Moynalty N.S


GR8 Savers Week 2016

We had a colouring competition for Junior Infants – Second Class pupils and a short story competition for Third – Sixth Class pupils. Winners names are posted below:

Click on the winners name to view their winning entry!!


Winners:                                                   GR8 SAVERS COLOURING COMPETITION:                           GR8 SAVERS SHORT STORY COMPETITION:

Nobber N.S                                                                 Conall McEntee                                                                                Rory Sheridan

St. Anne’s N.S B’boro                                                 Richelle McBrine                                                                               Caitlin Halpin

St. Joseph’s N.S K’court                                             Grace Kieran                                                                                     Sean Owens

Carrickleck N.S                                                           Aoibheann Byrne                                                                               Kate Kieran

The Model N.S                                                            Mervyn Lloyd                                                                                     Millie Kinnear

Meath Hill N.S                                                            Cadence Mooney                                                                                Jamie Slavin