Buying a Campervan

Buying a Campervan

Buying a Campervan

During this pandemic what were you most disappointed about? Your holiday in the sun being cancelled?

But as our beautiful little country opens up gradually, we begin to see a glimmer of hope that brighter days are ahead.  The time we have spent at home has given us a different perspective on certain aspects of our lives as we have learned what’s important and valuable, that needs are different to wants and our health really is our wealth.

Thinking of buying a Campervan? A new you, a new holiday, a new adventure! A space you can call your own, the freedom to go anywhere you want.  The summer is not lost it is only beginning and so are the many adventures.

Have we got you thinking?

Our top tips when buying a Campervan

  • Set a budget on what you can afford to spend
  • Check out Donedeal for 2nd hand vehicles
  • Check for damp
  • Make sure the fridge is working correctly
  • Check the chasis for rust
  • Ensure all lights are working correctly
  • Is the hot water pump working?
  • Is the toilet flushing?
  • Are the tyres in good condition

It is also important to remember that anything over 750kg will require a BE trailer licence.

Why not start planning and researching? Would you need a three-person berth, four-person berth? Would you like a hitch on the back for towing a small car for exploring? Maybe an over-cab motor home would be ideal for a family with kids.

So whether it’s a small micro, a compact class or your luxury A-class motor home, we will sort you out with a personal loan to see you on the road.

You can apply online through our online services here

Or for other ways on how to apply for one of our loans have a look here

Why not look at used campers that are for sale but before you do take a look at these top tips from Donedeal on purchasing a campervan.