Back to School

Back to School


Back to School Loan

Whether your little one is in primary or secondary school, costs can add up pretty quickly and we want you to know we can help you with a Back to School Loan.

Get a flexible loan from a Credit Union who cares. We are here in person to lend to you.

Why a Credit Union?

  • It is owned by you and you alone. Yes, Link Credit Union is owned by its members and the members run the organisation.  It is a not for profit organisation that was established to serve the local community with their financial needs
  • It is local with local interests at heart and Link Credit Union love to support the community
  • We get personal! Link Credit Union have flexible opening hours including opening on Saturdays from 10am – 1pm. We are passionate about customer service and serving our members to the best of our ability

Why a Credit Union Loan?

  • Early repayment option with no extra fees
  • Loans are insured by the Credit Union with no extra cost to you in the event of a death
  • Competitive rates. Our loans are very competitive and what we advertise is what you get, there are no nasty surprises
  • No transaction or hidden fees
  • Repayments are calculated on the reducing balance so you pay less with each repayment
  • You can talk to us at anytime about your loan, we offer a flexible repayment system
  • Member in receipt of a social welfare payment can borrow from us
  • We make quick decisions on our loans with approval rates of over 97%
  • For most loans, bank statements and payslips are the only documentation required

How much does a Back to School Loan cost?

Choose Loan Amount Required

Amount of € loan required*

2,500 for Years

Loan Type*

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How do I apply for a Back to School Loan?

Fill in the form below and we’ll get in contact for a chat