Account Types

Account Types

Link Credit Union offers its members a variety of different account options. The following are accounts available to Link Credit Union members:

  • Savings – Share Accounts

Share Accounts are where members hold their savings with Link Credit Union and is the more popular account type used for savings. Our Share Accounts earn a dividend at the end of each year.

  • Loans

Loan accounts are where members borrow funds from Link Credit Union. Our Loan Accounts have an interest rate applied.

  • Current Account

Each member of Link CU now have the option of operating a Current Account. Each current account has a BIC and IBAN number registered to each individual account. Dividends are not earned on Current Accounts.

  • CU Cash Account

CU Cash Account is an account which holds funds relating to our ATM Machine. ATM card users can withdraw funds from our ATM Machine (based outside the Bailieborough Office) from their CU Cash Account only.

  • Deposit Account

Deposit Accounts are where members choose to have a separate savings account. Dividends are earned as per Share Accounts.


Members automatically have Share Accounts and Current Accounts. Members wishing to add additional account types to their account should contact our office and speak to a member of our staff.

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