Car Draw

Car Draw

Car Draw

Link Credit Union Statement regarding

Central Bank review of Credit Union Car Draws:-

The Central Bank, on 08/03/2018, released their findings of their Thematic Review of Prize Draws in Credit Unions. The report identifies the need for a review of the operation of prize draws in some credit unions.

On 09/03/2018 a number of media outlets have covered a report. One newspaper in particular has used misleading and factually inaccurate headlines in relation to the report. The Irish League of Credit Unions have met this morning with the Central Bank of Ireland and amongst a number of other items, they raised this misinterpretation of their report and requested that they seek an immediate correction of this. The Irish League of Credit Unions have contacted the editor of this newspaper and made it very clear that these headlines are incorrect and misleading and they have asked for these inaccuracies to be immediately corrected. The Irish League of Credit Unions have also been in contact with a number of other media outlets to highlight any inaccuracies in their reports and request that these too are immediately addressed.  A full copy of the report issued by the Central Bank on the review of Credit Union Car Draws can be viewed here.

Link Credit Union would like to remind our members that the operation of our Car Draw is fair, transparent and non-profit generating. Our Car Draw, which was introduced in Aug 2003, has never had a staff or volunteer win. We continue to use appropriate systems with controls in place that are reviewed on a regular basis. Our Car Draw is independently adjudicated and our car draw winner selection takes place live in our offices or at our AGM with a winner being selected by another member ensuring full transparency. Our Car Draw is reviewed on an annual basis by internal and external auditors.

How our Car Draw works:-

Before each draw takes place, we run a car draw deduction program on our banking system, Scion. Once members are paid up for the draw they are entered into the car draw module on our system. Reports are printed showing members, amounts deducted and car draw ticket listings. These reports are held on file.

An independent Judicator calls into the office on the day of the draw. Car Draw reports are made available to them for inspection. Our independent Judicator then randomly selects 10 names. As each name is selected they are written down on our car draw winners sheet with the first name selected assigned the first ball number and so on until we have 10 potential winners. This sheet is then signed by the Judicator and witnessed by a member of staff.

During the Live element of our draw, we ask a member (not staff/board) to confirm that there are 10 balls numbered 0-9 going into the car draw drum. The drum is closed and we ask the member to select a winning ball from the drum and using the car draw winners’ sheet we ask them to read out the name of the corresponding Winning Ball Number. Winners’ details are published to our social media sites and on the car draw winners’ page on our website to ensure full transparency.


Car Draw

Link Credit Union Ltd offer a Member’s Only Car Draw. For as little as €10 per draw you could have the opportunity to win a Brand New Car every 2 months.

Car Draw

We hold our Car Draw every 2 months with at least 6 Cars annually. As additional members subscribe extra cars/prizes may be added Annual subscription is €60 per annum Members must complete the authorisation form & return it to any Link Credit Union Office.


€60 will be deducted from your shares at the beginning of each Credit Union year (1st week of October) & will continue annually thereafter unless otherwise notified In the event of a member joining the draw after Oct a pro-rata rate will apply (€10 per draw) e.g. Members joining after the 1st Dec, only €10 x 5 draws will deduct from savings (€50).

Download Car Draw Application Form

Car Draw Rules

  • The Draw will take place bi-monthly until such time as the Board of Directors of Link Credit Union Ltd. Shall deem otherwise
  • Car Draw is open to members over 18 years old only. (Including members of a joint account)
  • We will deduct the Annual fee from Car Draw members’ shares at the beginning of our financial year.
  • Any member with insufficient funds in their account at these dates will be deemed ineligible to participate.
  • It will be the members’ responsibility to ensure that they have adequate funds to continue membership of the Car Draw.
  • We will hold the Car Draws in any of our Link Credit Union Offices and also at our AGM.
  • Should a joint / Club account win the Car Draw, the car is owned by both members of the joint account or by the Club.
  • A register of entrants will be held and this will be maintained in the Credit Union Offices for inspection. The Board of Directors, and Staff will not be liable for any defects or otherwise that may be found in any vehicle
  • The Draw will be self-financing and non-profit making; any additional funds will be disposed of by way of extra draws or extra prizes.
  • We will not give Cash in Lieu of Car Draw Prizes.
  • Link Credit Union will not pass any contact details given on this form to any Third Party. Link Credit Union will be the only company to view / use these details.

Board of Directors:

  • The make and model of the car will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors may with-hold delivery of the prize won by the member. Should the winning member hold arrears or are in default in carrying out any commitment or obligation to our Credit Union, the prize will remain held until such a time as the arrears have been paid or the default has been rectified to the satisfaction of the Board. Such decision of the Board will be notified in writing to the member, & if within 14 days of the member receiving such notification, he/she has failed to comply with the requirements of the Board in relation to such arrears or default, the Board may sell or otherwise dispose of the prize at the best available price, & pay to the winning member the net proceeds after deducting any such arrears or paying any monies required to remedy defaults.
  • The Decision of the Board concerning the foregoing rules or any other matter arising from
  • the bi-monthly draw will be final and not subject to appeal.

Link Credit Union Car Draw Winners